[arh023] makunouchi bento - avebell
01 - bell lugosi is dead
02 - two mechanical snowghosts
03 - ielaidoim
04 - devil's monocle

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Dark copper bells, giant stone trees.
Sad birds looking in the lake to peck their distorted images.
Hairy grey grass growing fast on the inside.
And every senior ghost has its own bell.
There is not night or day - just fog from swamps.
There are no clouds, just slimy paper made zeppelins.
Thoughts and dreams are slashing each other to death.
Romans and greeks are the only citizens left.
And two venetian old fools.
They all look translucent like projected by
a huge Merkur portable projector (35mm - 1922).

Soldiers with led boots marching indefinitely,
Do not reach the battlefield ! There is Avebell.

by Makunouchi Bento


Makunouchi Bento are:
Felix Petrescu (waka x)
Valentin Toma (qewza)

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Creative Commons License

release date: 28.09.2007
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