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[arh017] Bog - Satan, te urasc! satan, te urasc
01 - Timpuri noi
02 - Mihaela Runceanu - Viatza incepe cu tine (Bog mix)
03 - Phalus
04 - Dj Borosh - Intalnire de gradul 3 (Bog mix)
05 - Conjug sperantza la viitor oda muzcii ushoare
06 - Hip hop is dead

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In times likes this, when 'Miorita' is some kind a of a contemporary artist with heavy philosophical and social branches, then, the 'Slagar' apears! Younger, happier, more honest, ready to take by the hand and chase you throughout the woods. After, tired, he'll sit you into the grass and start to sing: 'Viata incepe cu tine!'

Bog, recognized as Bogdan Marcu is responsible for these little mixes, re mixes, cuts, memories, re-celebrations, dances. And there's a lot more, 'cause Mihaela Runceanu meets Dj Borosh, Genius is conjugating hope, the times are new and hip hop seems to be dead. So, shall we listen?

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release date:15.05.2006
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