[arh014] Aries Fiktion - Labata
01 - GBS1/ tango
02 - GBS2/danceviii
03 - GBS3
04 - GBS4/100 uiws

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Labata is an intelligent compendium of four old musical genres, very popular in the latest century. Aries wants us to dance so he is reinterpreting, in his own vision, the old-school tango, the techno-pop, the acid house and the drum and bass at his very own origins. He gives us fuel (GBS1/ tango), making us strong (GBS2/danceviii), giving the break that we take still dancing (GBS3), and in the end we laugh with intense joy (GBS4 +100 uiws).

The name "labata" is the shortform of a pictorial place in his homeland, where he have performed a live-act, called Lauterbachtal.

Aries Fiktion is a project made by Knut Kaulke, who is also involved with a community around the Phonocake netlabel: meetings of electronical musicans within the purpose of "do it yourself" -freestyle electro space (this is called audioLAB), arranging themselves live-acts and so on...
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release date: 10.10.2005
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