[arh008] Makunouchi Bento - Balada unui creier mic

01 - circes
02 - licure
03 - usa farmaciei 8
04 - spanipig

cover (jpg)
(photo by Daniel Dorobantu)
3.2 M
3.7 M
3.9 M
6.2 M

0.12 M

it would be kinda silly to start and count all the actions and releases that implies this great romanian duo, Makunouchi Bento (waka x and qewza), 'cause of the simple reason: they are what we called "bunei".
this 4 tracks release called "Balada unui creier mic" reach out to the ambient sides with some darkscapes sounds; a magical voyage into the brain of a tiny odd creature.

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release date: 23.03.2005
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